Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympic Feet

They are all done!! My mother will be proud. These are her clogs and she does not know they were an Olympic feat. I figured the best way for me to actually finish them this winter was to join the Knitting Olympics. They do look rather cozy and will be once they are dry. I have one done for myself that I now can start the second one.
When I first read the instructions I was quite afraid, but as usual, if you just follow the directions exactly as written all will work well.

The pattern is from Fiber Trends and very well written!

I am so happy they are all done and look good if I may say so myself. Now I wonder if I qualify for a medal. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am in the Olympics!!!

Well, the knitting Olympics anyway. I will be knitting a pair of felted clogs from the pattern by Fiber Trends. They are for my mother so by joining the Olympics I will have to get them finished. I am really good at gathering the yarn, but I could keep gathering for a long time and never start anything. I do like starting projects but there is a finishing problem. I have the same issues with my quilting. Oh well, I like my collections of yarn and fabric. In fact I will need to go shopping for just the right red Cascade 220 to go with the darker red I already gathered so I can have everything ready for Friday when I can cast on. Now if I just did not have to work on Saturday. I can and will succeed....I hope.
This undertaking of knitting clogs might make me learn how to use our camera and post pictures. Maybe. I have no idea if one must do that. I would be a good thing to learn. I bet my good friend Scarletpurls could help me a bit. As I am writing this she is telling me to do stuff. I will end this for now and see what I can learn.