Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I really need to knit.

I think I should finish knitting my Bubble Bag, but instead I have spent the day
trying to set up my new laptop that my wonderful husband bought for me. We really would like it to be wireless, looks easy enough, right? Just follow the simple instructions. HA!!! I give up. He gave up. We have help on it its way!!! Stacy (aka Scarlet Purls) and her dear husband the computer guru are on the way here to help. They are even bringing pizza. What more could one ask?? So hopefully when my DH gets home from work he will not have to worry about our new laptop and wireless. I am so sure all will work with what we have of course.
Stacy and I went to our Knitting Diva group yesterday at the LQS/LYS and sat and knitted and chatted. We were the only ones there to knit. Maybe when the weather is not so hot we will have a bigger group. It was nice to knit out of my home. I got more rows done yesterday in an hour then I have in a week. Procrastination happens here at the house.
Maybe this week I will learn how to add Links and Blogs I Like to this page. I might have brain overload.


Blogger Stacy said...

So, we left at 10:00 last night, did you work more on the bag or did you compute? I was also wondering if you took the new laptop into the living room and computed there on the wireless network? I had fun at your house, I forgot to get a tour of the greenhouse, Shucks, I guess we will have to come up there again! If your swimming pool is clear, maybe we will take a dip!

2:10 PM  

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