Saturday, July 23, 2005

I can do this?!!

After spending alot of time reading other blogs it seems like a good time to start my own. I could blame this all on a friend, but I won't this time. She is at her house creating her own blog.
I work in a quilt store that has started to carry yarn. Just what I needed, another hobby. I started with the scarves and just finished my first pair of socks. What an addiction. I seem to think I have to have MORE sock yarn. Well, I do want more and need to learn more. Have to make more felted bags!!!
It is hard to decide what to do with my time off work. So many quilting projects started, a wool Bubble Bag almost ready to felt, new tropical quilt started for our bed and here I sit at the computer writing about what I should be doing. Is this silly or what? What am I thinking...or am I?


Blogger Stacy said...

Carol, I agree with you! What were we thinking? All the time that we should be knitting will now be consumed with blogging. Thanks for not blaming me for making you do this even though I twisted your arm a little. Like we keep saying, you need another hobby!

11:48 PM  

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