Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympic Feet

They are all done!! My mother will be proud. These are her clogs and she does not know they were an Olympic feat. I figured the best way for me to actually finish them this winter was to join the Knitting Olympics. They do look rather cozy and will be once they are dry. I have one done for myself that I now can start the second one.
When I first read the instructions I was quite afraid, but as usual, if you just follow the directions exactly as written all will work well.

The pattern is from Fiber Trends and very well written!

I am so happy they are all done and look good if I may say so myself. Now I wonder if I qualify for a medal. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am in the Olympics!!!

Well, the knitting Olympics anyway. I will be knitting a pair of felted clogs from the pattern by Fiber Trends. They are for my mother so by joining the Olympics I will have to get them finished. I am really good at gathering the yarn, but I could keep gathering for a long time and never start anything. I do like starting projects but there is a finishing problem. I have the same issues with my quilting. Oh well, I like my collections of yarn and fabric. In fact I will need to go shopping for just the right red Cascade 220 to go with the darker red I already gathered so I can have everything ready for Friday when I can cast on. Now if I just did not have to work on Saturday. I can and will succeed....I hope.
This undertaking of knitting clogs might make me learn how to use our camera and post pictures. Maybe. I have no idea if one must do that. I would be a good thing to learn. I bet my good friend Scarletpurls could help me a bit. As I am writing this she is telling me to do stuff. I will end this for now and see what I can learn.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Had to Get Some Sewing Done

I have not posted in almost a month! Oh well, I will try to get back to this now and not put it off so long again. Good thought!!
I have been sewing the past 3 days and actually got some projects done that I had to do. I have made a pillow, tablerunner and a purse. I feel so much better having them done. All are for the LQS/LYS I work at. They are samples to show what one can do with all the fabric we have. I still have the Bubble Bag to bind off and make the i-cord for and then felt it. Maybe in the next few days.
I have not ignored knitting either. I have a pair of socks started and it is hard to not just sit and knit them. We are learning to make 2 socks on 1 circular needle. Stacy (aka Scarlet Purls) is learning with me. I am not happy with the way the toes have come out, a bit sloppy on the sides, but they are my first this way and it could be a practice thingy. They are my second pair of socks ever!! I think they will be fine when done. I am using Cool Wool by lana grossa. It feels so nice and is wonderfull to work with.
One of these days I will post some pictures, as soon as I learn how anyway.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I really need to knit.

I think I should finish knitting my Bubble Bag, but instead I have spent the day
trying to set up my new laptop that my wonderful husband bought for me. We really would like it to be wireless, looks easy enough, right? Just follow the simple instructions. HA!!! I give up. He gave up. We have help on it its way!!! Stacy (aka Scarlet Purls) and her dear husband the computer guru are on the way here to help. They are even bringing pizza. What more could one ask?? So hopefully when my DH gets home from work he will not have to worry about our new laptop and wireless. I am so sure all will work with what we have of course.
Stacy and I went to our Knitting Diva group yesterday at the LQS/LYS and sat and knitted and chatted. We were the only ones there to knit. Maybe when the weather is not so hot we will have a bigger group. It was nice to knit out of my home. I got more rows done yesterday in an hour then I have in a week. Procrastination happens here at the house.
Maybe this week I will learn how to add Links and Blogs I Like to this page. I might have brain overload.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

I can do this?!!

After spending alot of time reading other blogs it seems like a good time to start my own. I could blame this all on a friend, but I won't this time. She is at her house creating her own blog.
I work in a quilt store that has started to carry yarn. Just what I needed, another hobby. I started with the scarves and just finished my first pair of socks. What an addiction. I seem to think I have to have MORE sock yarn. Well, I do want more and need to learn more. Have to make more felted bags!!!
It is hard to decide what to do with my time off work. So many quilting projects started, a wool Bubble Bag almost ready to felt, new tropical quilt started for our bed and here I sit at the computer writing about what I should be doing. Is this silly or what? What am I thinking...or am I?